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Q:Can I apply for more than one program on the pre-application?


A:† Each program has itís own application and requirements for applying.† The details and applications for each available program can be found on this website.


Q:Iím homeless, I donít have an address.† What should I use?


A:† In order to process the application, an address must be provided.† You may use friends or family that you trust and have regular contact with as long as they are not receiving housing assistance.† You also may use emergency shelters (with their permission), PO Boxes, or general delivery (no cost, but you must talk to Post office and check regularly).


Q:† I applied in the past but was told I was dropped from the waiting list.† Why did I get dropped and do I have to reapply?


A:† Most often, if a household was dropped from the waiting list, the HRA tried to reach them but was unable to due to change of address and/or phone.


Q:† I donít live in Clay County, why am I applying to them?


A:† The Homeless to Housed, Shelter + Care, and HRA Cares programs may be used in the West Central region of Minnesota.† Clay County HRA merely administers the grants.


Q:† Do I have to have case management/ARMHS services?


A:† If you are applying for Shelter + Care, participants must have a supportive service worker.† Participants must continue working with them for as long as they are on the program.† For all other Homeless programs, case management is strongly recommended, but not required.† In the cases of Prairie Horizons Townhomes and Gateway Gardens, services are provided on-site by CCRI, Inc.

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